Zombie Night


Movie: Zombie Night

Company: The Asylum Films

Original Soundtrack: Alan Howarth

Production Comments:

This trailer is an example of "Reverse Production". The soundtrack was made first, and then I set out to find a movie that would fit. The trailer was then cut to fit the sound track, and then synced.



Movie: Gladiator

Company: Universal / Dreamworks

Original Soundtrack: Hans Zimmer

Production Comments:

We have chosen to make this trailer, because of the challenge it presents when it comes to music production. The original soundtrack is produced by the best music producer of all time: Hans Zimmer

Star Wars 7


Movie: The Force Awakens

Company: Lucas Film

Original Soundtrack: John Wiliams

Production Comments:

As a huge fan of this franchise, I could not believe how disappointing the official trailer was. Therefore I felt obligated to produce my own trailer, made out of the original available on Youtube, just to support the force.




Movie: Fargo

Company: MGM

Original Soundtrack: Jeff Russo

Production Comments:

This scene of Fargo was chosen, for having only dialogue, and because of it's potential for being funny. The soundtrack we added to this scene, gives the viewer the feeling the movie is more comedy, instead of black comedy or drama. It lightens up the scene.

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