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Use this form to upload your music, and submit your request.

The following describes the procedure we follow, in order to comply to your request:


(1) Request:

Upon receiving the request, we will proceed with the evaluation, and contact you for additional information if necessary. Once your request is accepted, we move to step (2).


(2) Proposal:

Based on our evaluation, you will receive a specified proposal for the total production costs, which you are not obligated to accept. If accepted, we will require the proposal to be signed, and returned by email. Upon receiving the signed proposal, we will then proceed to step (3).


(3) Production:

In the first stage, we will produce a number of sketches for your approval. During this time the signed Proposal can be terminated at any time, and at no costs. Once a sketch is approved, we will start production, and move to step (4).


(4) Final Product Approval:

Once step (4) is reached, the signed proposal becomes binding, and can not be undone. The production proses will proceed, until the final product is  approved.  We than move to step (5).


(5) Invoice / Delivery:

The invoice is in this stage made up, and send for payment for the total amount agreed in the Proposal. The master is uploaded on a server, while we wait for the notification of fund transfered from our bank. On receiving this notification of approval, we will send a link to the master, which can than be downloaded as is agreed on the proposal.


Herewith the transaction agreed upon in the signed Proposal, is considered to be concluded.


(Please do not upload any demos for release)