Stopped Performing Live

In order to pursue a new career as the first

R&D company for the EDM Industry



Quick peek in the past:

Randy has been conducting researches for more than 20 years, in which time resulted in:


groundbreaking developments like

- www.Only (biggest Vinyl store on the web)

- Mechanical Rights management software

- DJ Promo (White Label) As official Record Label

- The biggest Vinyl producing Label (24 sub-labels)  NL


music writer and Producer

- Started in mid 80s with Atari 1040ST (Pro 24)

- 10 Latin American tracks for two albums (pro 24)

- Produced more than 100 tracks own labels

- First Artist Vinyl Release Spinnin Record

- Introduced: Mac Zimms, Signum, Mark Norman etc...

- Introduced Monotone Synth Leads

- Introduced the Katana Sweap (Nexus1)


live performance as Randy Katana

- First entree DJ Mag Top 100 at 150 (1 Year)

- Introduced the Tribal Genre

- Introduced Tribal Tech Trance (TTT)

- Integrate Drum shows in live sets

- Jumped out of a helicopter to land on stage

- First Dutch DJ to use CDJ for Bootlegs (CDJ-100)

- 5th DJ worldwide ever to play Mongolia (2th Dutch)


1 year back to school for the web

- Studied Internet Technology

- Graphic design and Multi Media

- Website hosting ands domains

- Member based e-commerce


on the web

- Launched  5 on line Labels, Designed Covers

- Produced Video Clips, Designed and build websites

- Producer on line video tutorials


development of educational material

- First Laptop Production course (DJ)

- First Dutch Digital DJ course (Traktor)

- First Documented DJ Business Course

- First DJ Business School Franchise


Among other things.....


Now at the age of 53, Randy Joubert is considered to be one of the most experienced EDM Industry Professional that is about to embark on the biggest challenge of his professional career spanning more than 30 years.


Starting from 1-1-2018 Randy Joubert has yet again proven to be one of the most innovative out of the box thinkers, by starting the first ever R&D company that specializes in the European Dance Music Industry.


Come and see for yourself HERE