What is Pro DJ?


Not just another DJ course


Pro DJ is a series of courses and tutorials by longtime Producer / DJ Randy Katana, and is designed specially for the DJ who is serious about his career.


A common misconception between active DJ's today is that of success will come from a "Give It All You Got" set regardless of the time slot, that will give them new Facebook likes.


Even though in 2016 this will probably result in more bookings, it will only work, if your planning to conquer your town, or at the most your city. In that case you will not be needing this course.

Some BIG Event

Richard Durand    |   Katana    |    DJ Jean

Trance Energy 2005

Your Competition


In this new age of DJ technology, mixing has become obsolete. Whether you are performing with USB, CD's or Digitally, if you can't mix, then you might reconsider a career change.


The art of DJ mixing is only for the DJ's, that are still mixing with vinyl. If your not mixing with vinyl, then you are a performer.


Believe it or not, local experienced performers can be more skilled than internationals, and will outperform a famous DJ in his own town effortlessly. This is what we call, the local Hero.


Unfortunately Local Hero's will never get the recognition they really deserve....


That is where the Pro DJ course will make the difference.

start small, and THINK BIG


In order to become successful with any kind of business venture, you will have to start small, and think BIG.


Start Small

Believe it or not, with every new venture, you are bound to make mistakes. If you start small, these mistakes will be part of your learning process, which are the building blocks of a long term and stable career.


Think BIG

BIG tinkers are eager to reach their goal, and will go to extreme lengths to do so. Remember, what ever it is you are financially making with your local bookings, it is a fraction of what you can make on the international market.

DJ Mag Top 100

Why Pro DJ?

DJ or Pop Star?


The last DJ to become number one in the world for his mixing skills, was: Carl Cox


The first DJ to become number one DJ in the world for his music productions was: Paul van Dijk


Now follow the line of the DJ's that were number one in the world after Paul van Dijk. What do you see?


They are all Pop Stars

(music producers)

Paul van Dijk  |  Carl Cox

Katana Studio 2003

Basic Editing and Production Skills


By now you should realize, that in order to become an International DJ, you will have to have some form of production skills. This is where the Pro DJ courses will give you a great advantage.


With the basic skills you learn with Pro DJ, you will be able to:


- Edit every track in your set

- Produce killing Mash-ups

- Produce Remixes for others


In just 6 months

(on your laptop!)

Why These 3 Specific Skills?

High Quality Exclusive set


How may times do you arrive at a performance, and hear the DJ before you play all the hits you were planning for your set?


With editing skills, you will have your own exclusive set, and will never have to take in account what the DJ before you is playing.


This is the basic skill you will need in order to compile a set, that will compete with skilled competition. Whether you are a skilled mixer or not, with Editing skills you will have total control over your own sound.


Next to track editing, you will also be able to create a complete mix in a digital environment, which will greatly increase the quality of your live mix promos.

First Photo Shoot 2003

Typical Katana Dance Valley Day 2004

The Element Of Surprise


Imagine you are booked prime time for a big EDM event. You arrive early and hear every DJ before you play that one BIG hit, that makes the crowd go crazy.


What do you do? Will you play it too?


Now, imagine you have the skill to produce a mash-up. You then use the key elements of that BIG hit, and Mash it with the elements of a classic hit.


The result is called "The Element Of Surprise". This is the key to getting the Facebook likes you are looking for.

Credibility by Association


Both the Editing and the Mash-Up skills are needed to be competitive during your live set. However, in order to get noticed on the International level, you will have to start by producing remixes for artists, who are already known at that level.



1) Association

When your remix is released on the International market, your name will be associated with the artists you produced the remix for. The bigger the artist, the better.


2) Credibility

And finally, the single most decisive question, that will be influential to your career:  Are you, or are you not Credible?


With the skills you will have at the end of the courses, you will have control over your own destiny. You will be able to create live sets that are exclusive to you, and will have your own signature sound. Once your sound has been released to the market, it will not only greatly increase your chances for reaching the top, but you will also go down in history as a contributer to the arts.


Finally one of the most important question DJs and Artists never ask them selfs at the start of their career.


What are you going to do if your not able to perform anymore?

Who is it for?

DJ (beginner)

Pro DJ will not only provide you with the necessary knowledge you need for credibility, but as a beginner, it will also help you to make critical decisions for your career. The courses not only teach you all about the current Digital Audio Workstations market, but also everything you need to know in regards to the kind of equipment you will need in order to perform. This will save you a great amount of time, but most important, a great amount of money.


DJ (professional)

If you are looking to expand your horizon and become an International, then this would be the perfect course for you. The key here is time. Even though you are able to learn these skills on your own, experience will show, that it can take you more than 10 years before you can reach your goal. The Pro DJ course is designed to show you the path you need to follow. The rest you will learn as you go.


Producer (beginner)

It's important to know, that Pro DJ is not specifically a Production course. We do not train you to become a Studio Technician. However, you will gain important information, that will help you to decide whether or not you will proceed to follow other courses, or learn on your own as you go.


Producer (professional)

Pro DJ was not specifically designed for Professional Producers. However, if you are looking for a new perspective on studio production techniques, Pro DJ can definitely make a big difference. Especially if you are not experienced in the field of Electronic Dance Music, Pro DJ will be a valuable addition to your skills.



The courses can be taken separately, or all at once, depending on your knowledge of Studio One 3

What about Genre?

Pro DJ is definitely NOT Genre Specific

The skills you will learn with Pro DJ are general skills, and can be applied to any genre in existence, even Latin music, or  Jazz, if you will.


However, the following main genres, including sub genres, will benefit the most out of the courses:


EDM, Techno, Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, R&B, Tech House, Electro House, Mainstream, Progressive, Minimal, Tribal, Latin


How can I?

Pro DJ


Equipment Required


Course language





MacBook Pro

Zoetermeer / Netherlands


Once per week / 3 hours


Pro DJ


Equipment Required


Course language




Video Tutorials

MacBook Pro


Dutch / English / Spanish



Pro DJ is powered by:

Video Productions

Currently we are producing tutorials that will be available on-line soon.

Tutorials will be available in English, Dutch and Spanish.


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