FUSION: Techno, Trance and EDM Mash



Meaning of the word:

The process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.




Imagine a world where classification and discrimination play important roles in the existence and expansion of an Ecosystem. Undoubtedly the smart ones among us will claim that such system will not be sustainable in the political environment we live today. And yet, if we take a good look at the Dance Music Industry, that is exactly what is going on. Classifications that once were invented to please a wider range of audience, is now being used to create and maintain value, in comparison to one another. Parties that are considered to be of less value, are refused participation, and end up being discriminated. This mentality has never been questioned before, and every participant that is eager to succeed in this environment, will follow in the exact same direction as his predecessor, thus creating a constant stream of obedience that will result in a drastic reduction of talent. The solution to this downward spiral is called: Fusion. The new Electronic Dance Music Genre that will fuse all existing Genres into one.



The Concept:

The concept behind Fusion does not specify which Genres exactly are being fused. Even though it is known to include all existing genres, which makes it acceptable to a wider range of audience, it can also exclude all of them, which than makes it acceptable to the more eccentrics among us. So now when the Genre classification is neutralized, all that remains is the talent of the performer. Once technical Genre classifications is replaced with classification by quality of performance, true artistic value will be recognized, which will bring us to our final destination...

Artistic Freedom

(The freedom to produce and play whatever the hell you want.)


How it works:

Basically Fusion neutralizes the devision between the Genres, and stimulates curiosity. Artistically no one will be able to Judge, because you will not be competing in their turf. Another issue Fusion will resolve, is high expectancy. Once an artist reaches a certain level, the expectancy level will always surpass, which can cause a lot of pressure on his performance. Fusion vastly lowers expectancy because the unknown, can not be expected. Once all these issues begin to resolve, they will be replaced with Artistic Freedom. That is when true talent will show his face, and great things will start to happen.




Credibility is the key to success in the Dance Music Industry, but is also the weight you will have to carry for a longer distance. A Credible DJ will never adapt his set to his crowd. For the DJ that does not produce his own music, this can pose a huge problem. This is where the power of Fusion again will bring salvation. If you are playing a Genre that theoretically includes all existing Genres, you can now adapt to any crowd, and still be Credible at the same time.



Success, even when you fail:

Now imagine you finished playing a set, and some one approaches you with extreme anger wanting to complain about the worst set ever. But before he gets the chance to lash out, you ask him first, what he thought about your new style Fusion. Something he never heard of before. Something new. But wait... if he does not know about it, he is not up to date. This drastically reduces his right to be present, which leaves no value for complains. He can now scream as loud as he wants, but no one will listen.


In other words, even if you did screw up your selection for that night, you will still come out winning. Even if the person is well acquainted with Fusion, you can still trow a curve-ball by saying: "Well, this is a different kind of Fusion no one knows about.". And once again you will arise victorious, and remain untouchable for as long as you want. That is what I call: Artistic Freedom.