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Meaning of the word:

The process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.




Imagine a world where classification and discrimination play important roles in the existence and expansion of an Ecosystem. Undoubtedly the smart ones among us will claim that such system will not be sustainable in the political environment we live today. And yet, if we take a good look at the Dance Music Industry, that is exactly what is going on. Classifications that once were invented to please a wider range of audience, is now being used to create and maintain value, in comparison to one another. Parties that are considered to be of less value, are refused participation, and end up being discriminated. This mentality has never been questioned before, and every participant that is eager to succeed in this environment, will follow in the exact same direction as his predecessor, thus creating a constant stream of obedience that will result in a drastic reduction of talent.


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Music Productions

More than 20 years production experience with Electronic Music , specialized in all Tropical Genres, Movie Scores, Trailers, Corporate Promos, Exotic Background Entertainment and

High Impact Live Performance Soundtracks


We have chosen this track because it's timing complexity and is recorded live.

AJ Jenkings - "The Thank you Song"

Written by AJ Jenkings


We have chosen this genre because of the extreme difference the Rework would bring about, against the Original

AJ Jenkings - "The Thank you Song"

Randy Katana Salsa Mix


YouTube Vlog


In 2016 we started experimenting with the "What Else" Vlog, as a mean to conduct research on the Electronic Dance Music market. The concept is based on a non scripted interview series with Industry Professionals. Originally the intention was to use this information for the plans of our latest mega project Pay4Beatz. However it did not only provide us with the necessary information we were looking for, it also presented us with new opportunities we are now integrating in our project planning. Our final goal is to create new opportunities for Electronic Dance Music Producers and Independent Record Labels in the form of a complete new viable business model based MP3 download sales.

This project is what we've been working on for the past two years.


The concept of this project is to create a business to business platform for the Independent EDM Record Labels, that will offer a new viable business model.


Sealed of for the consumer, it will create an exclusive environment where DJs, Producers, Labels, Publishers and writers can sell, not only MP3 downloads, but licenses as well.


Once active, Pay4Beatz will function as a ecosystem that will restore the balance in the dance Industry. The result from this is a major decrease of illegal MP3 content available for free on the Internet.

VDM Bootcamp will be the largest Video Tutorial platform on the Internet, that specializes in the Electronic Dance Music business, and the DJ business.


Starting with how to chose the perfect DJ name, all the way to psychological impacts of fame. Everything you need to know to become a successful DJ, will be available to you here on VDM Bootcamp.


We will teach you how to work with the best DAW, plugins, hardware, DJ Software, CDJs, DJM's and everything else you request to be reviewed.


If you like the product, you will be able to use the link to buy it right here on our own  VDM.Dance web shop: iBuy.

Together with VDM Bootcamp, iBuy will become the most valuable web shop on the Internet that specialists in the EDM market.


By linking products and tutorials together, you will be able to learn how to use, than buy, or the other way around.


This will greatly eliminate one of the biggest issues professionals face today. What to buy and when.


Do you wait for the update, or not. Will it improve your work flow, or not. Di I really need that, or not? What's new, must haves and pure junk will all be revealed in Bootcamp, and available for purchase in iBuy.

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